A new indoor shooting range will be opening in Panama City Beach by the end of the year called The Powder Room Shooting Range and Training Center. This shooting range will have 14 lanes within a 17,000 square foot facility. Their focus will be on gun safety and training. Joe Preston, a former Walton County Sheriff’s deputy will be managing the range.

The Powder Room Shooting Range and Training Center will be located at Griffin Blvd and Highway 98. No tone, we just posted about a new Comfort Inn being built at the same intersection.

We found what could be their new logo online at 99 Designs.

A shooting range, firing range or gun range is a specialized facility designed for firearms qualifications, training or practice. Some shooting ranges are operated by military or law enforcement agencies, though the majority of ranges are privately owned and cater to recreational shooters. Each facility is typically overseen by one or more supervisory personnel, called variously a range master or “Range Safety Officer” (RSO) in the US, or a range conducting officer (RCO) in the UK. Supervisory personnel are responsible for ensuring that all weapon safety rules and relevant government regulations are followed at all times.

Shooting ranges can be indoor or outdoor, and may be restricted to certain types of firearm that can be used such as handguns or rifles, or they can specialize in certain shooting sports such as skeet shooting or 10 m Air Pistol/Rifle. Most indoor ranges restrict the use of certain powerful calibers, rifles, or fully automatic weapons.