Over the past several weeks since the oil leak has been stopped, we have been finally getting good media. The front cover of USA today stated that Florida tourism has been down because of bad press, not oil.  The warm waters and natural microbes are breaking down the oil a lot quicker than expected.  Our beaches have been blessed.  The “Emerald Coast” still looks beautiful and the market is picking up right where it left off.

Now may be one of the best times ever to purchase property.  Take advantage of the great deals that will not last forever! Going into May 1st (pre oil spill), we were 70% higher in sales production over 2009.  All of the best deals were quickly getting absorbed and things were on the uphill path to market recovery.  The oil spill set us back, but people are discovering that our beaches still look amazing. The buying activity is picking up at an alarming rate.  I am getting listings under contract and am showing property daily.  This may be your golden opportunity to find the perfect property that you can enjoy, for the right price, and use as a great long term investment.  Allow us to find you the best deals on the market.  Feel free to contact us anytime.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.