Yahoo news just released an article headlined as:

“Housing Markets That Will Be Strongest By 2014”

Florida was ranked as the #6 state to recover the quickest.  Within Florida, Panama City Beach and the surrounding area was ranked #1.  

Recently I flew direct to Nashville through SouthWest.  What a great and convenient experience.  I was happy to see that when I flew back to PCB, every seat was full and it was a big plane.  When we landed at the new NW Florida Beaches International Airport, everyone on the plane started clapping and cheering.  This made me realize how much our local beaches are loved by so many.

The great news is…  The Oil Leak is NO MORE!  Our beaches are still as beautiful as ever, our water is crystal clear, and the activity has picked up at an alarming rate.  People are taking advantage of the great opportunities available for sale. These low prices will not last forever and the best deals on the market are quickly getting absorbed.  Our team put 6 properties under contract last week.  If you were ever looking for that perfect time to buy, now is the time.  Allow us to help you find the best deals on the market.