More then a month after oil began pouring into the Gulf of Mexico, Florida continues to dodge the worst of the spill. No oil has washed up on any Florida beach, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection predicts that no oil will wash up in the next 3 days.

BP has provided Florida with over $10 million in grant money to be used for things like buying more boom to protect the beaches and promote tourism in Florida. BP has also teamed up with to create a volunteer database.  The two relief drilling rigs are ahead of schedule towards permanently stopping the oil leak.

For now, the Florida beaches remain open and the oil won’t ruin anyone’s vacation plans. Allow us to help you negotiate an incredible real estate deal during this opportunity.  If we do get a little oil on the beaches, it will be cleaned and life will go on.  The new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is amazing and offers discount flights through SouthWest Airlines. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Nathan Abbott