Our family has a new tradition – finding a road-side seat and watching the July 3rd fireworks at Destin Commons. This year was our second time watching the fireworks show after the Smoke on the Coast BBQ competition. And, with the new Destin Commons expansion, this year they went all-out for the event.

Several new stores opened throughout the week, with the grand opening of the new expansion, celebrating Destin Commons’ 10th anniversary, opening to the public on Thursday, July 3rd. The fourth annual Smoke on the Coast BBQ competition was held from 1 pm to 10 pm and commenced with a live concert and extravagant fireworks display.

This year I noticed several video drones filming the Independence Day fireworks show. Seeing several small red and green lights hovering over Highway 98,  I tried to convince my five year old they were UFOs but he wouldn’t believe me.  Video drones have been useful recently in real estate, showing areal views of neighborhoods and development sights. Here are a few beautiful nature videos taken with drones.

See the 2014 Destin Commons firework show from a bird’s-eye, I mean, drone’s-eye view.

Here is also a great video of the 2014 July 4th fireworks show at the Destin Harbor.

Aside from the great fireworks show, we are excited about the opening of several new stores and restaurants at Destin Commons, including Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl & Grill, a unique aquatic under water themed restaurant with 16-lane bowling alley; H&M, a European fashion retail giant offering designer inspired clothing; Chipotle Mexican Grill (a Nathan Abbott Team member favorite lunch spot); Yogo Mogo, a self serve frozen yogurt cafe; and several more great places.

With a total of 21 new stores and restaurants in the expansion, we can’t wait to spend some time at Destin Commons this summer!