Recently a customer who bought a home from the Nathan Abbott Team mentioned it has always been hard to know whether or not they were buying the best opportunity for their needs. If this has been the case with your previous home buying experiences, there is a solution. It may be that the trust hasn’t completely developed between your agent and yourself, or you are not being provided with enough information. In either case, there are ways you can be sure your getting a great deal:

1. Look for a team, rather then an agent working alone. Most teams have administrative assistants that free up time for the agent. This frees up time for the agent to constantly be studying the market place for the best deals. Most teams also have agents dedicated to buyers only. The Nathan Abbott Team is a highly specialized real estate team and we strive to offer great customer service and complete dedication to our customers.

2. Take a few minutes to break down your wants and needs with your agent. Giving pertinent information such as price, bedrooms, amenities, and income potential will give our team valuable tools to help us focus on properties that you’ll love.

3. Tell your agent your realistic time-frame for purchase. This helps in two ways: A) If a buyer is ready to buy immediately, we may call them daily as we find the right properties for their needs. Calling so often may bother clients who are a few months or more from purchasing. In an effort to not be a bother, the agent may slow down his calling. Here on our team, we strive to never drop the ball, but being one of the top teams in this area, we have many customers to help. We need to know who needs our immediate attention to best serve our customers who are ready.  B) This allows the agent to put his immediate focus on those who are “HOT”. You will also receive the same attention once your in the “HOT” category. In the meantime, we will continue to send you alerts for properties meeting your criteria. This will be a good time for buyers who plan on purchasing down the road to study the market and prices, and get.

4. If your looking for a property, plan a trip down. Schedule a property tour with our team to learn the beach/residential neighborhoods or condo resorts. While many of our customers buy while on their visit, this trip can help you get a detailed understanding of the inventory available and make an educated decision later on.

5. Narrow things down. After you have made it down for your tour, pick your 2 or 3 favorite locations. Our team can then keep a close eye on that location and let you know the day a well priced unit hits the market.

6. Be ready to write an offer. While we will always encourage our clients to make a trip down and do a tour, the best deals on newly listed homes sell in days. Be open to the idea of writing an offer “sight unseen”. You can have your offer contingent on you making it down and viewing the property within a certain time-frame. Usually this is 10 days for cash offers, 10-14 business days for those taking financing.

7. Complete your due diligence once under contract. While you should only write an offer on a home you intend to buy, during your “inspection” of the property, if you see that you don’t like the home or it is need of too many repairs, you get your deposit back. During this time, you can also have your professional home inspection done.

The most exciting part of this business is finding the best opportunities for our client’s needs. If you can find their dream home and it is a great deal, you know you satisfied the customer. We are here to help and we look forward to the opportunity to EARN your business. Please let us know how we can serve you. Thank you for your business as it is very appreciated.