The Gulf Coast of Florida has graced us with some incredible sunsets this fall and winter. Any local can tell you that the best time of year on the Gulf Coast is the fall. The weather is perfect with the sun shining and a crisp breeze, the water is still warm enough to swim in, the beaches are serene and less crowded, and the sunsets truly take your breath away. The whispy clouds are painted with hues of yellow, orange, purple, and even pink, and the Gulf of Mexico tends to be a mirrored image of the colored sky. The sunsets are equally as stunning on our lakes. First, the massive sun slowly merges down the horizon line beaming bright, and next, the sky is enhanced with all of the deeply saturated colors. I have never been able to explain why the sunsets are substantially more breathtaking in the fall and winter than any other time of the year, but it simply has to be something in the air! We encourage you to come on down and visit the Destin area next fall or winter and experience it first hand. You will not be disappointed. Also, don’t forget that we can get you a discount on your stay with our ResortQuest referral code!

Photo Location & Credit: 1. (top photo)  Stewart Lake, Seascape, Miramar Beach, FL, photo by Amanda Abbott; 2. (left square) Gulf of Mexico, Miramar Beach, FL, photo by Chef Phil McDonald of Table Five Private Chef + Catering,; 3. (right square) Gulf of Mexico, sunset view from Grand Dunes Condominium – North Tower #2050, Miramar Beach, FL, photo by Jason Sgobba of Photographer 850,; 4. (bottom left) Sunset view from Bud N’ Alleys Restaurant, Seaside, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, photo by Amanda Abbott; 5. (bottom middle) Gulf of Mexico, Destin, FL, photo by Sylvia Ignas; 6. (bottom right) Western Lake, Scenic Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, photo by Amanda Abbott.