Amanda Abbott

    Meet Erin Abbott — Consultant

    I have always been motivated by personal success. One of my greatest accomplishments was graduating from the University of West Florida with honors while working to put myself through school. I completed my BA in one and a half years and graduated magna cum laude. I tackled my master’s degree on-line so I did not have to compete with a work schedule. On-line learning requires a lot of personal discipline, but I toughed it out and graduated on time in two years. I was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Student Achievement Award for my academic excellence.

    After graduation, like Nathan, I took some time to see the world. I traveled to the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Canada and various places within the United States. One of my favorite trips was to Whistler, Canada. As a Florida girl, snow was a completely new experience. I tried snowboarding for the first time and really enjoyed it. Although each place had something to offer, and there were more opportunities for jobs in my specific field afar, I would have to agree with Nathan that there is no place like home.

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