The recent trends of the pandemic period continue this week. With Inventory down to just 666,000 homes on the market. Each week as demand remains higher than new supply, our total active inventory keeps falling. Inventory is 30% lower than last year at this time. We had 74,000 new homes come to market this week, which is moderately encouraging as at least that number is holding solid in the 70s. Normal Julys would be in at least the 80s which we’re not going to see, but at least it’s not lower. Our national policies are designed to protect homeowners in this period, and it’s very clearly working, with no distressed sales happening anywhere. Prices are up again too. This week home prices in the US climbed to about $352,000. This number by the way is different from traditional measures of home prices in that the Altos number is exactly what you’d see if you walk into the market today. Traditional measures of US home prices are distorted because they only look at the handful of properties that sold last month – it’s an incomplete sample and while they’ll tell you that home prices rose last month, they don’t tell you about the market today. At Altos we’re looking at the entire US market, and every single zip code, right now. Home prices are up 5% year over year and 2% over last month.